Guidance System for the accurate and safe control of Monopiles during Floating Installation

Offshore Wind Active Motion Compensation Technology

The X-Control Guidance System is a new and cutting edge Control System for the installation of Piles at Sea during a wide range of weather conditions. The X-Control Guidance System makes use of the Puppeteer Sensor Technology, i.e. the X-Cam Survey Sensor Suite. The X-Cam Sensors are high-rel real-time precision measurement devices that measure the exact attitude and orientation of any pile without requiring pre-knowledge of the pile itself.

The X-Control Guidance System will allow to install piles safely throughout all operational modes.

The X-Laboratory “Star Controller” (*-Controller) is an emergency response mode which ensures stable interaction between vessel and pile even under the absence of a DP-system.

The X-Control Guidance System is DP2 redundant and will set the new standard in maritime pile installations.