We are a high-tech technology provider. X-Laboratory is among the best in developing advanced guidance & attitude control systems, multi-computer systems, software and sensors for the offshore wind industries. With our technology implementations we enable "highly advanced" mission equipment that allows to install assets faster, safer, more reliable and at lower cost than with current market practices.

Our solutions are based on advanced mechatronics, sensors and control, and contribute to making our future more sustainable. X-Lab's technology implementations are currently being used for multiple projects and our related life-time service plan has become alive...

Our Heritage

Our heritage originally emerges from the European Space Agencies Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory (here filmed by Danish Astronaut Andreas Mogensen), which was founded and operated by Dr. Schiele prior to setting up X Laboratory (... some videos of the Telerobotics & Haptics Lab).

We had created significant impact in the Space sector, by starting and showing feasibility of a novel human space exploration method called Exploration Telerobotics (Video from TU Delft of Dr. Schiele explaining the experiments and vision). We conceived, developed and operated three 1st-time technology demonstration experiments in space, on-board the International Space Station ISS, which we had called Haptics-1 NASA Mission Summary page), Haptics-2 (NASA Mission Summary Page) (AP Video), and INTERACT.  The technology showed intuitive remote-control and operations through LAN networks over significant distances (more than 160 000 kilometers !) with force-feedback and sufficiently good fidelity to allow astronauts in orbit to assemble mechanical systems on Earth remotely, with sub-millimeter tolerance fittings.

After this exciting time and projects in space, it was time to move on and to focus our attention on solving our pressing climate crisis on Earth.

X-Laboratory has become a technology innovation lab that develops cutting-edge solutions in motion compensation for the offshore wind market. Our technology implementations safe significant time and thereby contribute to reducing the cost of building green energy plants in the ocean. Each of our motion compensation products has the potential to save 20 - 40% of costs related with the construction and commissioning of an entire offshore wind park.

A New Player in the Maritime Industry

We have become a new player in the maritime and offshore industry. Our advanced motion control solutions are used by large national and international clients and our engineering experts help to solve the most challenging problems.

In 2023 we launched our first products in the offshore wind sector, the X-Cam Survey Sensor Suite, which allows to perform real-time pile pose survey during piling (all degrees of freedom) with unprecedented accuracy and at lowest market cost.

Our mini-PuppeteerTM motion compensation system is nearing engineering completion to support the construction of an offshore wind-park in the U.S. for 2024. The X-Control Guidance System enables the robust installation of monopiles offshore from floating vessels with the Poseidon Motion Compensated Pile Gripper and allows to shave-off sigificant jack-up time for each project to come. Contact us for more information about our products.

We are a proud member of the Dutch Wind Association (NWEA - Nederlandse WindEnergie Associatie)

Our Vision


Our vision is summarized in this citation above, stemming from our CTO/CEO Dr. Schiele.

It is our vision to keep developing highly advanced engineering solutions that matter and we strive to become and stay the most innovative and influential robotics engineering laboratory in the Netherlands, a breeding ground for robotic innovation, a pool of the best talent, a place where advanced robotics solutions are developed that work and create impact!

It is our mission to help transform the Dutch Maritime & Offshore Industry to become more sustainable and "green", while also supporting an increase in competitiveness and profitability, serving an industry that is growing faster than anywhere else in the world. We focus on developing advanced automation systems to reduce the cost of offshore wind, to streamline current production processes to be more efficient and less resource consuming - and to ultimately deliver strong technological contributions to achieve our climate goals!



X-Laboratory is managed and led by Dr. André Schiele. Jointly, Joan and Andre make use of both their experiences in finance and engineering to develop a compelling and innovative company that attracts talent, builds exciting products and that contributes to sustaining and increasing European economic competitiveness. We draw from an extensive network of seasoned industry professionals that contribute to our advisory board.

André is an inventor, researcher and entrepreneur, directing the X-Laboratory as CEO/CTO

Joan is an investment and private equity specialist and ambassador of the X-Laboratory