Bottom-fixed foundation (Pile) Installations

X-Control Guidance System

The X-Control Guidance System is a Space-grade Guidance and Control system for the stabilisation of monopiles during installations from floating vessels with a motion compensated pile gripper. The X-Lab Guidance system operates entirely independently from a vessel's DP system and is designed in a fail-safe manner. The DP-II redundant technology performs real-time pile position-, inclination- and depth-monitoring and control with unprecedented accuracy (±1 cm horiz., up to ± 2 cm vertical) . The X-Control Guidance System handles all transitions between the various operational steps, from up-ending up to post-piling sail-off, (semi-)autonomously, enabling ground-breaking installation performances. The X-Control Guidance system can be made available to any motion compensated pile-gripper, in combination with our X-CAM+ Survey Sensor Suite

Product to be delivered to first vessel in 2022.