Current work

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Maritime & Offshore Industry

Active Motion Compensation

We applied our Space Engineering expertise to the problem of marine active motion compensation with pin-point accuracy. Our X-Control Guidance System sets a new standard in the market when it comes to accuracy, reliability and performance. Since confidentiality is key to our business, we choose not to name our Clients nor publish detailed information on our projects just yet. Contact us to find out more.


Robot Learning Laboratory

STEM Education

Youth is our future!

At X-Lab we want to do our part to generate more tech enthusiasts. For the TU Delft Science Centre Museum we therefore made an exhibit to allow kid's to feel what astronauts feel when doing haptic teleoperation from space. This museum centre-piece is built to inspire kids for STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) education - please visit once the new museum opens it's doors.

Our previous work in Space Engineering


Robotics Research

Space Telerobotics

Before establishing X Laboratory, our CEO founded and operated the ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory of the European Space Agency ESA. A part of our team has flown 3 first-time technology demonstration missions to space.

To learn more, please see our YOUTUBE channel with a collection of video's from such previous work.