We are an EPCI partner. We help to conceive, develop, prototype and test novel products - all the way, from concept to operational readiness including commissioning on-board.

We take the secrecy demand of our customers serious. We therefore do not share information about our current projects nor Clients. For information, find your way to us.


X-Products and solutions are based on our intensive in-house research & development. X-Laboratory maintains a growing patent and intellectual property portfolio. With our products we enable more cost-efficient construction, installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Our cutting-edge maritime motion compensation technology ensures weather independent delivery year-round.

Our products are currently under development with first clients.


Our Moonshot

Our most ambitious project, the deltaX-Drive is set to lead us to a new era of clean, liquid, refillable and CO-2 neutral marine transportation - a technology that is socially responsible.

We already secured government and private funding and still operate entirely behind closed doors on this exciting project. Sorry about that!

Since 2018

X Innovation Laboratory Rotterdam

All X-Laboratory projects are deeply rooted in fundamental research and in high-tech Mechatronics & Robotics. But at the same time they focus on creating direct economic benefit for our Customers. We develop new products & services that solve real problems and aim to create high economic as well as societal impact.

The X Innovation Laboratory in Rotterdam is a new and rising breeding ground for Talent. We are based in the Netherlands and operate world-wide.



Discuss your Idea with us

We will advice you on whether or not your idea for a robotic product is technically and economically viable. If it is, we can help to prototype your solution and to get it right the first time..


We are highly selective in committing to projects and partnerships. But once selected we guarantee success and share our Clients risk!