X Services

We help you developing innovative robotic & automation products and services, customized for your industry.

Instead of working on a consultancy type of scheme, we help to conceive, we develop, prototype and test your new product all the way to its operational readiness and implementation. This way, we share your risk and ensure to deliver output that will work in the field. We know how to build systems that work.

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X Products

We also develop our own robotic products and solutions. Currently we focus on the offshore-wind, heavy construction and maritime industries.

We will start sharing information on our products on our portfolio page once our products are ready to hit market!


X-Lab Moonshot Project

Our eX-Drive mechatronic system is set to lead us to a new era of clean, CO-2 neutral transportation. This project will lead us to green, cost-effective and efficient long-range transportation that is socially responsible.

We already secured government- as well as private funds and still operate entirely behind closed doors on this exciting project. Sorry about that!

X Innovation Laboratory Rotterdam

The X Innovation Laboratory is a new and rising breeding ground for developing advanced maritime, offshore and new energy robotics and automation solutions. We are based in the Netherlands but operate world-wide.

All X Lab projects are deeply rooted in fundamental research and cutting-edge robotics, but at the same time focussed on creating direct economic benefit for our customers and product users.

We develop novel products & services that solve real and existing problems and that create high economic or societal impact.



Discuss your Idea for a novel Robotics-based Product or Solution with us

We will help you to advice whether or not your idea is feasible. If it is, we can help to prototype your solution and to get it right the first time.. We are very selective in committing to suitable projects, but once selected we guarantee success!