Your career at X-Laboratory

The X-Laboratory is a high-tech engineering firm specialized in building advanced motion compensation solutions for the offshore wind sector. Our products are based on advanced robotics and control technologies and create significant impact in reducing construction times for producing green energy.

We do care for our employees and offer a unique work-place, where academia meets high-tech engineering, where talent grows, where advanced developments are realized and where one team works towards a unique future.

Are you excited to contribute from concept design up to realizing a "real" robotic high-tech product? Want to go offshore to commission our robots that move thousands of tons of steel? Do you enjoy working in our robotics Lab or offshore under the most rough working conditions? Do you dream of working at an academic level or even beyond, in a creative, inspiring and driven team of likeminded, with a strong focus on building actual hardware that works? Then, X-Laboratory is the perfect place for you !

We offer jobs to seasoned industry professionals and young talent likewise and are an equal opportunity employer. We value difference.

Rotterdam Jobs

please no double-applications. Double-applications will be discarded and not considered for either posts. In case you do not fit to one of the openings, feel free solicit a free application to info (at) deltaxlab (dot) com. We will definitely have a look at it!

Embedded Sensors and Control Software Engineer

See the job posting here on our website or on LinkedIn

Just opened (3 June 2023)

Mechanical CAD Design engineer

See the job posting here on our website or on LinkedIn

Currently soliciting applications has been put on hold. We started evaluating the candidates (you'll be notified soon). (3 June 2023)

Mechatronics R&D Engineer

See the job posting here on our website or on LinkedIn

coming soon


We only offer very limited internship opportunities

We do want to provide 100% tutoring for the interns we accept, so we highly restricted the inflow. If you are interested, pls. find us.

Candidate selection

As an ideal applicant to the X-Laboratory you have a continuous wish for personal growth and you love to work with the best. You want to apply your in-depth knowledge for something meaningful and to a topic that contributes to reducing the causes of climate change as much as we can? Apply!

We are clearly focussed on team excellence. While we value individual excellence, we demand team spirit. Next to deep knowledge of every of our colleagues, we love to work together, to learn together, to help each other, to rely on one another. Does this excite you? Are you a social and hard-working (upcoming) expert in your field? You will find your place with us!

To apply, always submit:

  • your CV
  • a formal motivation letter
  • a portfolio


We look forward to hearing from you !

The X-Laboratory

Important information if you apply ...

Hiring statistics

At X-Lab we select carefully who we invite to become a member of our team. Our hiring rate is not higher than approximately 1 in 200 applicants. We continuously receive many great CV's. However, we always ask you to submit your CV, a formal motivation letter plus a visual and compelling portfolio of your relevant work.

So please, only apply if you are willing to dedicate time to the application material and process. Currently, our most recent positions receive more than 500+ applications in less than 4 weeks.. We do our best to be efficient in the process afterwards and in the meantime master selecting good fits efficiently.

You will definitely hear if we shortlisted you. And once the process is finished each applicant will also hear from us.

What is a formal motivation ?

A motivation letter, yes!, expresses your motivation for the job! It's not a re-cap of your CV. It's neither a 'standard template' letter that you send to 1001 different companies.. A motivation letter expresses your genuine motivation of WHY you would like to join X-LABORATORY for the actual JOB you apply to! Be honest about why we should take you. What is it that you want to achieve and contribute? What is it that DRIVES YOU to apply with us? What is it that YOU can contribute to us that no-one else can? What makes you unique?

What is a Project Portfolio ?

A portfolio, is a portfolio! Think of it as your etalage. Within 20 seconds we must get interested because you are the perfect fit for the job. Send us a snapshot of your RELEVANT prior works. Don't exaggerate but show what you can. Send us a .PDF or .PPT with 1-2 slides per project that you have designed, built, programmed or tested.. make it visual and crystal clear. For software?? Show the product, highlight what it does..

What where the key-challanges of each project? Until where did it go? (Prototype? Concept? Serial Product?) And make sure to mention exactly what YOU contributed to it, not only your peers (while you can show group-projects, please highlight your part clearly). Be specific about your contribution. Trust us, in a first interview we will find out quickly if you fit!

So, good luck! And we hope to see your (!) application soon!