The X Laboratory is a high-tech engineering firm specialized in building one-off and highly automated and robotic equipment for the maritime and offshore energy industries. Our solutions are based on advanced robotics and control and will contribute to making our future more sustainable.

If you look forward to work from concept up to realizing "real" robotic and high-tech equipment used at sea under the most rough working conditions, if you like to work on academic level or even beyond in a creative, inspiring and driven team, but with a foot solid on the ground - then X Laboratory is the right place for you to apply!

We offer jobs to seasoned industry professionals as well as to young talent, both eager to work for one of the most innovative robotics & mechatronics companies in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam Jobs

Mechanical CAD Engineer(s)

Mechanical Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, CAD, Draftsmen

Structural Engineer

CAE, CFD, Materials Engineering

Instrument/Instrumentation Engineer(s) (COMING SOON)

C/C++, Embedded Systems, Physics, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Optics, Signal Processing

Software Engineer(s) (COMING SOON)

C/C++, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Embedded

Office Assistant (SOON)

Management Support, Procurement, Customer Relations, Public Relations

Interested in an internship or final study project? Please contact us via info(at) or call-us at +31(0)629243959

How do we select suitable candidates ?

The X Laboratory is a secretive research laboratory. We work on special equipment that our customers want to keep secret and therefore we carefully hand-select our new team members.

We seek driven talent and seasoned experience in people with a passion for engineering, equipment design and for innovation.

As an ideal solicitant to the X Laboratory you will have a continuous wish for personal growth and you love to work with and for high impact teams.

It is our mission to help transform the Dutch Maritime & Offshore Industry to become more sustainable and "green", yet, to remain to be more competitive, more profitable and growing faster than elsewhere in the world. We focus on building European advanced industrial automation systems to reduce the cost of offshore wind, to streamline current production processes to be more efficient and less resource consuming and to ultimately create a strong technological contribution to achieve our climate goals!

If you are driven, a team-player and social human being, hard-working and (upcoming) expert in your field, please feel free to also contact us for non-solicited applications in another related field. We shall see to which ongoing project you might be able to fit and contribute.

Teamwork and independence is a strong driver for selecting the best candidates for joining our Laboratory, but also your track-record, education and your proof of commitment are part of the X Laboratory selection process. We might ask you to carry out some small assignments in your field of expertise prior to accepting for interviews (we are getting too many applications..).

We look forward to hearing from you !

The X Laboratory team