Current work

Offshore wind

The Puppeteer TM

Soon, we will announce a sneak preview to our new High-Tech Product, the PUPPETEER. The Puppeteer will be an enabling technology for offshore wind, ensuring competitive offshore installation, reduction of installation times of windparks, lowering of the cost of "GREEN" electric power and thereby contribute to making our planet a little bit more sustainable.

Human-machine Interfaces

Haptic Feedback

This summer we will launch our first ‘custom’ product for delivering the sense of touch to heavy machinery operations. Stay tuned.

Marine and Offshore

still confidential

We perform cutting edge automation and robotics developments for marine contractors and engineering firms. Their names can be named, however, not the products we are working on. Since secrecy is key to our business, we decided to not publish any information on the actual projects we are working on.

Previous work - in Space Engineering

Former ESA Telerobotics Lab

Space Telerobotics

Before establishing X Laboratory, our CEO founded and operated the ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory of the European Space Agency ESA. A part of our team has flown 3 first-time technology demonstration missions to space.

To learn more and see some interesting videos about these works, feel free to click the following link to a collection on Youtube