Motion Compensation Technology for the Offshore Wind Industry

At X-Laboratory we develop advanced motion compensation technology for offshore heavy lifting. Our Product-range enables floating installations to build Offshore Wind Assets faster, more efficiently and with lower CO2 footprint than with currently established methods.

Installation of WTG Blades


The PuppeteerTM is a novel 6 DOF motion compensation crane (add-on) that enables faster blade installation (up to 40% reduction of time) with year-round workability, from fixed Jackup vessels to floating WTG's, from floating vessels to fixed WTG's, as well as from floating vessels to floating WTG's. Product release planned for 2021. Currently under development with selected Clients.

Foundations (Pile) Installations

X-Control Guidance System

The X-Control Guidance System is a Space-grade Guidance and Control system for the stabilisation of monopiles during installations from floating vessels. Our Guidance system operates entirely independently from a DP system and is designed in a fail-safe manner. The DP-II redundant technology performs real-time pile position-, inclination- and depth-monitoring and control with unprecedented accuracy. The X-Control Guidance System handles all transitions between the various operational steps, from up-ending up to post-piling sail-off, autonomously, enabling ground-breaking installation performances.

WTG Installations Offshore

X-Cam & X-DAR Survey Sensor Suites

The X-Cam is a highly advanced 6DOF Survey Measurement System allowing to measure positions and attitude of Piles, Blades and other components of WTG's with unprecedented accuracy. The X-DAR is a new development at X-Laboratory. Both Systems delivery survey-grade data to our Clients, e.g. for post-piling reporting.