Our Story and Background

We are former aerospace engineering experts and mostly emerge from the European Space Agencies Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory (here filmed by Danish Astronaut Andreas Mogensen), which was founded and operated by Dr. Schiele prior to setting up X Laboratory (... some videos of the Telerobotics & Haptics Lab).

We had created significant impact in the Space sector, by starting and showing feasibility of a novel human space exploration method called Exploration Telerobotics (Video from TU Delft of Dr. Schiele explaining the experiments and vision). We conceived, developed and operated three 1st-time technology demonstration experiments in space, on-board the International Space Station ISS, which we had called Haptics-1 NASA Mission Summary page), Haptics-2 (NASA Mission Summary Page) (AP Video), and INTERACT.  The technology showed intuitive remote-control and operations through LAN networks over significant distances (more than 160 000 kilometers !) with force-feedback and sufficiently good fidelity to allow astronauts in orbit to assemble mechanical systems on Earth remotely, with sub-millimeter tolerance fittings.

After this exciting time and projects in space, it was time to move on and to focus our attention on solving problems on Earth.

While we are just starting, we now will use technology to help our  economy and our society more directly. Our products and services will be focussed on streamlining energy usage, facilitating novel methods and services for green energy production and operation and will ultimately lead to a CO-2 emission free transportation industry through our Moonshot project. Much to do...

Vision of the X Laboratory


This citation above, created by our CTO/CEO Dr. Schiele constitutes the core element of our companies and laboratories vision.

While working on technology that matters, we strive to become the most innovative and influential robotics engineering laboratory in the Netherlands, a breeding ground for robotics innovation, a pool of the best talent and a place to be when developing advanced robotics solutions that create impact!



X Laboratory is managed and operated by Joan Leemans and André Schiele together, making use of both their experiences in finance and engineering to develop a compelling and innovative company that attracts talent, builds exciting products and that contributes to sustaining and increasing European economic competitiveness.

Co-founder of the x laboratory

Joannes Willem Leemans

Ambassador & Co-Founder

Joan is an investment and private equity specialist and ambassador of the X Lab

Andre schiele

Dr. Ing. André Schiele


André is an inventor, researcher and entrepreneur, directing the X Laboratory