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Mechatronics R&D Engineer

if you have a passion for high-tech robotics, mechatronics and control, we are the right place for you! You have an academic education or background but are even more interested in making actual innovative products that work?

Come to join us and apply. We look for a new talented mechatronics engineer, or a mechanical or robotics engineer with in-depth knowledge in control engineering, electrical engineering, sensor systems, and robotics. Background in classical robotics (not AI !) is considered a perfect match!

Apply if you want to contribute to bringing forth the most advanced offshore robotics equipment in the world. If you love to work in an inspiring, entrepreneurial and fast-paced start-up/scale-up company. We are disrupting the offshore wind market with our advanced Motion Compensation Systems that allow to install green energy faster and more efficiently - important for our planet.



As Mechatronics R&D Engineer, you will work technically and there is room to grow to project management. You will:

  • Design complex mechanisms, Gears, Motor assemblies, Sensors and Mechatronics for laboratory robotics testbeds
  • Programm PLC's or embedded systems
  • Design and develop overall system architectures for advanced mechatronic equipment involving motors, sensors, controllers, cameras, pose detection, etc..
  • We have room to let you become a lead engineer (if you have great skill) and also let you grow to become project lead engineer for a product


This is what we expect you to know and to be! You will

  • support the design, development, implementation and testing on all sub-systems in a complex offshore robotic equipment
  • programme in C/C++
  • programme PLC's
  • Read and understand EPLAN drawings, ideally make EPLAN drawings
  • select motors, sensors, encoders, mechanical parts and components
  • programme in Python to make simulations
  • master Matlab/SImulink or Mathematica to perform simulations
  • find your way in establishing pipelines for control and are familiar with standard and advanced control concepts (e.g. PID, H*, MPC, POPC, etc.)
  • get really excited when building a full complex machine that performs a task well involving perception and motor control
  • at least M.Sc. (preferably 3-5 years experience)
  • Ph.D. would be great
  • show us to be an excellent communicator and team player
  • stay a permanent learner
  • keep growing in technical skill and in managing projects and deadlines
  • take responsibility about what you do

The X Innovation Laboratory is a highly specialized robotics engineering laboratory, one of the most up-coming robotics companies in the Netherlands. You will be part of a dynamic and friendly team of diverse junior and senior experts that share their passion in developing cutting-edge technology that solves pressing problems of the industry and of society. We build the best motion compensation solutions for the offshore wind industry!

We guarantee that you will work on the most challenging, interesting and leading-edge technology projects in the maritime, offshore and transportation sector and will be able to continuously learn.

Read this carefully

Please e-mail your application to info(at)deltaxlab.com

To be admitted into the selection process, please always send:

  • your CV (PDF)
  • Formal Motivation Letter (PDF)
  • Project Portfolio in PDF or PPT or Keynote (with Visual information about each project you have done)


To find information what we mean with motivation letter + portfolio, please check the information on our career site..